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Fundraising Auction for Team Outrunning the Cloud


The auction page has been set up and can be found here.
If you are landing here after reading about me and the auction on Lainey Gossip, or on Women on the Fence,  thank you so much for clicking. We hope you will click once more link to the above page and check out the things we have already listed. Please know that there are HUNDREDS of fabulous things in my attic right now, waiting for pictures and descriptions. So please check us out again on May 15th! 

On August 24-25th, I will be walking in my 5th Weekend to End Women’s Cancer walk. My kids call it The Big Walk, because it’s a 2-day, 60 km trek through the streets of Montreal. I started walking when my mom got sick. I kept walking after she passed away. I even wrote in my bio last year that I walked so my daughters would never have to know what it’s like to have a mom with breast cancer. Oh well, so much for that! 

This year though, I will be surrounded by my awesome girlfriends, who joined the walk after learning of my diagnosis. Our team, named after the blog, is Team Outrunning the Cloud. If you click on that link, you will see our team page. As I write this, the 10 women on the team have committed to raising over 24,000$ dollars. We must at MINIMUM raise 2000$ each to walk.

I want to help my friends meet their fundraising goals, and to do this, I will be holding an online auction. The auction will run from May 15th to June 1st. Originally, it was going to be all small hand-made items from my fellow crafters. But it only took a few hours for this to snowball into a bigger auction. Which means MORE money for the hospital! People will be paying directly to the fundraising site, so they also get the tax receipt. Everybody wins!

At this point, we are looking for items to auction off. The walkers are all local to Montreal, but the auction will reach people everywhere. If you can knit/crochet/bead/stitch something awesome before May 14th and want to donate it, let me know! If you can donate something else that is cool and could sell, let me know! If you or someone you know can donate a gift certificate, let me know! My dream object would be anything at all from The Bloggess. (although if that doens’t work, maybe I can auction off my husband’s GW Bush lung transplant letter!) 

As soon as the auction page is ready, I will link it here. As items come in, I will post pictures both here and in our Facebook Event page.

Please help me get the word out!

you can contact me at champouxv @ gmail.com 

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